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pomodo - goodbye stress

Hello, welcome to Pomodo 👋

My name is Travis Lima, I created this web app because I was struggling.

Working from home is great, but I often found myself overworking and not spending time on other important things in my life.

You too? Let’s be friends! 😊

I developed a tool called Pomodo. It’s a pretty simple tool that combines a Pomodoro timer with a task list. The idea is to list 3 to 5 important tasks for the day and use the timer as a guide to get them done.

The beauty of Pomodo is that your tasks don’t always have to be work-related. Bring some balance into your day by adding at least one thing to your list that will energize you. 

This can be something like calling an old friend, making that dinner reservation, or taking 25-minutes to experiment with a new hobby.

Life is short. It’s busy too.

While we still have to show up and do our best at work, there is no reason that we cannot take little chunks of time throughout our day to bring balance, enjoyment, and rest to our precious lives.

But remember, Pomodo is just a tool. The most important thing is to make time for life.

I hope that Pomodo will serve you just as well as it has served me.  I would love to hear more about you and your life’s journey. Feel free to send a reply to this email. Your response will land right in my inbox.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Travis Lima

Creator of Pomodo

travis lima - creator of Pomodo

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